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realizing elasticity


American Chemical Society – Rubber Division

Project Type

RFP Response



The Challenge

Design a show experience reflective of the future of elastic polymers

The Approach

All research into the field of elastic polymers indicates the future of the field is experimental combinations, after all there are no new ways to make tires.

This version of the show floor experience invites attendees to ask the increasingly important question, ‘what if?’ Through a graphic approach that combines provocative forward leaning vocabulary with abstracted rubber textures my team and I created an atmosphere encouraging attendees to become dreamers once more. Anchoring this experience was the Rubber Division’s booth. This booth was designed as a haven where you could just as easily engage in a relaxed conversation with a colleague as you could access outstanding industry resources supplied by the Rubber Division. The future of elastic polymers will be born within the walls of the Rubber Division, all my team and I did was to provide the catalyst.

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The Outcome

The process went smoothly and the team appreciated the end product. I was never informed whether we won the business or not.

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