BICSI RFP Book Mockup

revealing common­ality



Project Type

RFP Response



The Challenge

Relate Freeman's purpose to the BICSI organization

The Approach

Knowing nothing about BICSI or the industry it services, the first step was to immerse myself into their world. I Googled what I could, went down various wikipedia rabbit holes, and interviewed a friend of mine that works in a data center. I learned about the current state of the organization, their history, the challenges they face, their value proposition, and the challenges the industry at large faces. When I emerged from my information black hole I had found at the heart of this massive industry, one critical human service, which is to connect people to that which they value.

I used that finding as the foundation for the visual presentation of the RFP response. Portraits overlaid onto images of network cables serves as the hero imagery because it most effectively illustrates the greater service BICSI provides. This idea was further echoed in the headline typography by a thread bridging the gap between the characters of the typeface. Adding a human layer to recognizable industry imagery established a language both Freeman and BICSI could use to understand the benefits of working together.

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The Outcome

Freeman was awarded the business for which this RFP was issued with specific commendation from the client for the strategic and creative thinking presented.

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