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Freeman HR

Project Type

Campaign Graphics



The Challenge

Develop graphics to attract job seekers to Freeman's booth at a local recruitment fair

The Approach

As recruitment fairs are filled with aisles of people touting the benefits of working for company X I knew it was important for Freeman to stand out with simple and emotionally impactful messaging.

I conducted a brainstorming session with project stakeholders to determine the best direction for the booth messaging. From this brainstorm it was decided the ideal message would communicate those aspects which form the foundation of Freeman's culture; collaboration and respect for the efforts of your colleagues.

Distilling the result of the brainstorm down I arrived at the boldy simple line 'With You, We're Better.' Complementing the messaging with portraitures of real Freeman employees added authenticity, relatability, and a nice a talking point as the people featured in the graphics could be the ones recruiting candidates.

Freeman HR Poster Style 01
Freeman HR Poster Style 02
Freeman HR Poster Style 03
The Outcome

Even though key stakeholders had bought into the results of my efforts, upper management felt there would be a better chance at recruiting if a different aspect of Freeman was promoted at the fair. This direction never made it off the killing floor.

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