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Laura Lee Clark

Project Type

Website Refresh


The Old State

The Challenge

Recreate the showroom experience in a responsive website

The Approach

After initial goal-setting conversations with the client a site-wide content audit was undertaken. This determined which existing elements to keep in support of the newly defined goals. It was decided the product photography and blog content would be the main drivers behind conversions.

I designed an architecture for the website that allowed for swift access to desired products and product spec sheets. My approach was always mobile first, which was echoed in the down-to-the-essentials presentation of information. I persuaded the client to my approach using wireframe mockups accessible via the InVision platform. A minimalistic approach to the website styling was taken to emphasize the product photography.

I coded the front-end of the website using a modern object-oriented approach to the CSS structure heavily influenced by the writing of Harry Roberts and Jonathan Snook.

Laura Lee Clark Website Mobile Mockup
Laura Lee Clark Website Laptop Mockup
Laura Lee Clark Website Mobile Mockup 02
The Outcome

I am not aware of the success of my updated design as I left The Old State shortly after launch.

This website was built by me. Warts and all.