Midwest Clinic Poster Mockup

retuning passion


The Midwest Clinic

Project Type

Show Branding



The Challenge

Revitalize The Midwest Clinic for a shifting demographic

The Approach

An initial call with the client revealed their main concern to be staying attractive in the face of an industry shift to a younger demographic. Despite strong programming and international renown they felt their show was being perceived as staid. Research into the music education industry revealed a common perception of the more classically oriented musical approach as stagnant, especially when compared to the pop music industry which inundates modern life and seems to be continually renewed.

I built the show theme ‘Get In Tune With Your Passion,’ upon research into the desire for late-date Generation X and Millennials to be a part of something aspirational. In this case it was establishing a deeper connection within yourself to your art.

To combat the perception of stagnation or outdatedness I took a pop-art approach to their show visuals. The strong graphic nature of this art style conveys vibrancy and energy. I used the offset look and unconventional cropping to add an additional layer of visual activity which I felt mirrored the love attendees have for the music they create.

Registration Graphic
General Expo Signage
Expo Show Floor Signage
Logo Comparison
The Outcome

The concept and execution were well received by the team although I received no word on its reception by the client. A glance at the organization’s website shows a brand refresh leading me to believe Freeman was not awarded the business.

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