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Optimal Health Specialists

Project Type



The Old State

The Challenge

Designing web-based processes to support critical business operations

The Approach

The project began as a series of conversations with the client to understand the functional demands of the website as well as to discern the relational nature of the information the website would aggregate. Once I was able to see the big picture I set about the task of designing the foundational database architecture of the website. Working side-by-side, the development team and I designed a lightweight and scalable architecture that fulfilled the business’s core needs.

With the foundation laid I turned to designing the processes necessary for the business to work as intended. There was no money in the budget for user testing so all user flows were crafted from documented behavioral patterns. Because time to market was crucial for this business to succeed I focused on first creating a solid minimum viable product and suggesting improvements for future versions. In instances where there were no established behavior patterns upon which to build I gathered all of the information needed to be present, deconstructed it, and used educated guesses to create an understandable architecture around it.

Being presented as a science-backed business was important to the founders in an effort to combat the perception of their progressive methods as “hippie” or “unfounded.” A clinical approach to the website’s visuals helped provide the credibility the founders desired.

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The Outcome

The site was still in development when I left The Old State. I see the site has launched but I cannot attest to its efficacy.

This website was built by me. Warts and all.